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Love her with your fingers in her hair, pulling, pulling until she’s breathing in time with each thrust and jolt.

Kiss her hard enough to bruise and when she pulls away grab her waist so she’s never far enough to resist, so she falls asleep with your name on her lips and the feeling of your skin on her skin.

Touch her like she’s fire and you’re no longer scared of getting burned, as though being lost in her has made you braver than you ever knew was possible.

And when she looks at you, brimming with desire, slow down so her knees don’t give way and her eyelashes don’t flutter into oblivion. Slow down so the nails digging into your back and the heart pounding in your chest are brought to a halt.

Slow down and ask her what she wants, and watch her crumple in front of you like a thousand falling stars. Ask her again and watch her breathe your name over and over until the words are lost and she swears she’s never felt like this before.

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #33 (via blossomfully)

"Wait for me," he begged. "I’ll be back. I swear I’ll come back for you."

And in his expression there was a mixture of apprehension and fear, because he had heard horror stories about distance and how it destroyed people.

He had heard that love did not last when entire oceans separated two individuals, no matter how tightly they held each other and promised to try.

But when he turned, his gaze was met by resilience and gentleness.

"You do not need to ask me to wait," she said softly, "If I could, I would cross entire galaxies for you, and the oceans are nothing compared to galaxies."

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #44 (via blossomfully)
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